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During & After Loss 

If you've recently received the devastating news that there’s no heartbeat, are preparing to miscarry or birth your baby, or have made the heartbreaking decision to terminate following a diagnosis, we extend our deepest sympathies for the pain and sorrow you're enduring. If you've recently delivered and are navigating the profound grief of infant loss, we want to express our heartfelt condolences for the unimaginable loss you're experiencing. Amidst this difficult time, we're here to offer our support and guidance, and we're truly grateful that you've found us.

Going through the process of losing a baby is undeniably difficult, bringing forth immense emotional, physical, and mental challenges. We empathize deeply with the unique pain and struggles that accompany such a loss. Our commitment is to provide you with unwavering compassion, support, and guidance as you navigate this profoundly challenging journey. You don't have to face this alone.

In our care, you'll find a sanctuary—a space that's safe, empathetic, and nurturing—where you can embark on your healing journey, finding solace and moving forward, one step at a time. We believe every parent deserves unwavering support and care during this period of profound loss. Knowing that you have someone by your side who truly understands can make all the difference in navigating this challenging time.

Whether you're in the midst of grief, struggling with decisions, simply need someone to listen, or welcome on site support - we're here for you. Our holistic approach combines coaching, support for the emotional journey, loss & bereavement doula support, walking alongside you through your loss and  postpartum doula support to aid in your recovery. 

Together, we'll walk hand in hand through the ups and downs of your healing journey. You don't have to face this alone. Let us be your beacon of light as you navigate the path toward healing and hope. 

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Transitional Coaching 

Gain personalized guidance and support to help you navigate the emotional journey of grief and healing after loss. Coaching sessions provide a safe space for you to process your loss experience, feel heard and understood as you are able to freely express your feelings, fears and hopes. Sessions provide an opportunity for you to navigate decisions, explore feelings of guilt or shame, honor your grief, learn coping strategies and discover moments of joy in the midst of sorrow, to help you find your way forward on your healing journey with resilience and grace.

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Loss & Bereavement Support

We offer on site support through the process to care for you as you deliver your baby, attend medical appointments to help advocate for your needs and preferences. We offer compassionate guidance and a listening ear as you navigate the grief of losing your baby. From honoring your baby's memory to coping with the rollercoaster of emotions, we're here to meet you where you’re at.  We provide practical support and resources to help you navigate the practical aspects of loss, such as funeral arrangements, memorial services, and communicating with family and friends.

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Postpartum Doula Support

We support your recovery, offering emotional support alongside practical help to ease the transition and give you the time you need to recover. We're here to assist on site with meal preparation, errands, and sibling care while ensuring you, your partner, and your pets are supported too. We create a nurturing environment so you can focus on healing and recovery. Our holistic approach addresses your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs to support your overall healing journey. From mindfulness practices to self-care strategies, we'll help you find ways to nurture yourself as you navigate this difficult time.

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