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4th Tri Voyage

Navigating the Fourth Trimester with Compassion and Care

  • 48 hr
  • 4,499 US dollars
  • Location May Vary

Service Description

Includes: • 12 Coaching Sessions • 12 Postpartum Visits • Postpartum Healing After Birth Meditation • Postpartum Healing in the 4th Trimester Workbook • 24/7 Phone support Description: Introducing our 4th Tri Voyage Package, a transformative voyage designed to guide you through the profound journey of the fourth trimester with unwavering support and compassion. This package includes 12 coaching sessions, providing extensive emotional support and guidance as you process your birth experience and navigate the joys, challenges, and transformations of early parenthood. Additionally, you'll receive 12 in person postpartum visits, offering physical and emotional support to nurture and care for you during this tender period of adjustment. To facilitate healing and renewal, we provide the Postpartum Healing After Birth Meditation, a gentle companion to soothe your mind, body, and spirit as you embrace the transition into parenthood. Further enhancing your journey is the Postpartum Healing in the 4th Trimester Workbook, offering practical tools and exercises to support your physical and emotional well-being during this sacred time. With 24/7 phone support, our dedicated team is always here to offer guidance, reassurance, and a listening ear whenever you need it most. Let us accompany you on this transformative voyage, honoring the beauty and complexity of the fourth trimester with courage, resilience, and unwavering compassion.

Cancellation Policy

Contact us for more information, to schedule a complimentary consultation and see if this would be a good fit for you!

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